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You have worked hard to provide for your family. You have created and preserved a measure of safety in your life through saving, investing and through hard work.

Estate planning can be a difficult issue for many people to face. But it is a necessary process that provides security for your family and loved ones, and establishes guidance for those who will make the difficult decisions regarding your care and affairs should you become incapacitated.  The San Jose estate planning lawyers of Del Ponte and Hirz understand the importance of estate planning and are experienced in crafting comprehensive estate plans for our clients.

While many people embark on the process of creating their own estate plan with the goal of avoiding probate, there are further benefits associated with creating an appropriate estate plan.  This includes designating a person to manage your assets during your lifetime should you become unable to do so, appointing a person to make medical decisions on your behalf, and the appointment of a trustee to manage the distribution of your assets upon death.

At Del Ponte and Hirz, we offer comprehensive Estate Planning and Probate services, including those in the following areas:

    • Revocable Living Trusts
    • Wills
    • Durable Powers of Attorney
    • Advanced Healthcare Directives
    • Probate Administration
    • Trust Administration
    • Name Changes

Contact Us to schedule a consultation to discuss your Estate Planning, Probate, or Trust Administration needs.

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